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Some more from lala land. Thank you to Edi for the beta work.

“I think you’re all nuts, but I got what you asked for. Man, Theo looked at me like I was losing it. I had to tell him we were going to donate them to a kids' home.”

Looking at the boxes upon boxes of recently cut wooden blocks, Connor couldn’t help but agree with Gunn. However, seeing the delight on its face as it upended the boxes onto the floor, he kept his peace and returned its smile instead. Content that Connor was okay with this offering, it ignored the others and began to industriously create. Glancing towards the corner where his father leaned in his customary silent observance, he was surprised at the soft smile playing over the demon's features. Such expressions continued to confuse; his father looked so different when softened by mirth. He realised again that he was a young man when he died, and he would appear a young man when Connor died. As the dark eyes flickered up and met his, he schooled his own into disdain and watched as the familiar blankness fell over the face of his angst. This ability to change the expressions on the unchanging features was one of the few powers he had and as yet he wasn’t prepared to give that up.

Attempting to place softer lines on that façade was an ambition he denied he had a yen for.

“It’s LA.”


“You have to imagine you’re looking down from a height, or better still get down and look from his angle.”

Watching as they got down on their hands and knees to look at the intricate, if sprawling, creation that took up almost all of their living space, Connor tried to see what his Father was seeing without showing that he was taking an interest. He had to swallow the disconcertment he felt as he realized that the pattern was more than just an extension of its madness.

He had never discounted the importance of the puzzle, but now he saw that it had been trying to tell him something and he had been exposed before the others in his weakness. The fact his father had heard what it needed to say only compounded his vulnerability.

His Father had known it long before he did.

“Yeah, I see what your sayin', could be you’re right, but man, it’s a leap.”

“And if it is, as you say, a representation of LA, it is only sections of the city. The problem now is deciding if those sections are deliberately placed, or are the only parts he can remember, or if, indeed, he has merely run out of materials to build with.”

“No, Wes, he has blocks left over. I think Angel is right, this is LA; I think he’s finished but this is secondary to the other materials. Look. See? I think what he does with the stuff from the tin box is the most informative. If the blocks themselves were that important he would have accepted them when we gave them to him the first time. It was only after the old box was brought to him that he made any move to recreate whatever this is.”

Looking away from the others as they stood and brushed off their knees, Connor returned his attention to it. Silently agreeing with Fred, he crouched down and watched as it set about a ritual he had seen many times before, but only today pushed aside the discomfort of closely observing.

Sitting cross-legged in the centre of its creation, it reverently opened the tin box and began to remove the tokens of the main puzzle. Each piece was carefully set on, beside or beneath one of the structures. Leaning forward, Connor saw that each chosen structure had a shape or doodle scratched onto the blocks.

Standing up, with a rush of perception and relief in the understanding that only he had the knowledge to break the puzzle, he released a breath of excited air. His Father couldn’t solve this. Only he had collected the tokens, only two had known where he was at the time and the other no longer had the words.

He took a moment to enjoy the security of this, then smiled as he waited for them to ask.
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