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This is a post that exists solely to ensure that LJ will not purge this journal
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This has been bugging me. It's post cotw and begins with RayK buring Deif Fraser is of yet again being super mountie whhich leaves RayK spending weeks alone in the cabin in the middle of no-where. I think there was some maggie and she dissaproved of the way Ben treated Ray. Ray leaves I think he goes to Florida where RayV is shocked at his condition. Ben gets back finds Ray gone and is quietly told of by an old pilot who remembers Fraser sr. He goes looking for RayK.
This may be more than one fic but any links to any stories with these points would be great I can work out which one when I read.
Thank you.B

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blogged from seperis

Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project by [personal profile] vito_excalibur

Iwould like to start the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program.Here's my pledge: if I see somebody groping you in public, and you'renot moaning Yes! Yes! Yes!, I will break through your Somebody Else'sProblem invisibility field and come over and ask if you're okay. Ifyour situation looks dangerous enough I can't help on my own, I willcall over friends or, if it's a situation in which I think the copswould be on your side, I will call the cops. If you're being harassedby a guy, you can say so to me, even if you don't know me. I pledge Iwill distract him so you can get away, or I will tell him that he needsto leave, or whatever I can do to the best of my ability. I pledge thatyes, actually, because you are a woman I will give you the benefit ofthe doubt. If you tell me that a guy just did something shitty to you Iwill not refuse to look at any evidence and tell you that I know himand he's a great guy and you must have been imagining things. I havegreat loyalty to my male friends but I will not allow that to blind meto the fact that none of us are saints and even my best friends canscrew up and may need to be called on it. I pledge that I will walk youto your car if you don't feel safe walking alone at night, and then youcan drive me to mine.

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A little AU ficlet set around Home and Faith.

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Hey all I am back with a few wee scraps, I have had some awfull comp problems had to get a new motherboard and fan then the mouse died and then I had a virus, but now I am here and thanks to the wonderful Edi have a few bits of Connor and Spike ala LA.

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Jan. 3rd, 2005 05:08 pm
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Well I hope every one had a good holiday and that the new year is full of the dreams coming true. I am so very sorry for the long break but life and costly computer probs kept me away.
Fics are coming up in the next month and multi fandom recs, also check out my memorys for a host of fic from some wonderful authors.
Again so sorry for the lapse but service will be resumed.
All my love B.


May. 13th, 2004 01:58 pm
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Hey all sorry I have not been posting as I should but I had so many fics to finish and I decided to just put the nose to the grindstone.
This is for ' Spander inquisition' hosted by the lovely [ profile] rubywisp
Written for Meg and betaed by the wonderful Edi. I would perhaps make this into a longer fic if I have time in the future, I loved this bunny.

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Thank you [ profile] drcoulter and [ profile] rabbitjones for teaching me how to do the wee user cut thingy.

Some journals you should all read as the poeple within are just the business, there are more it's just I happen to be reading these guys today.
[ profile] edibbea
[ profile] eliade
[ profile] danawoods
[ profile] drcoulter
[ profile] ladykat777
[ profile] sangpassionne
[ profile] wiseacress
[ profile] yindagger

Today I have been working on the Spike Connor, I have the end well near down, just fixing a sticky middle bit, hopefully will be up soon. Sorry for those waiting.
Prophet is coming along, I know how to get to the z from the a now.

Reading Gillas cave, so very funny fics inside...


Mar. 19th, 2004 10:13 am
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Sorry for the long wait, here is part eight of Prophet, earlier parts in my memories. I'm as ever beholden to the kind intelligence of Edibbea and her beta work. Thanks go out to Sangpassionne who reced me recently. All those who are waiting for Spike Connor , it is coming along sorry for the wait.
In regards to my last post Jodyorjen is safe with her family. This fandom should be proud of how well it gathers to look after it's own.

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Taken from drinkthepoisonx LJ, copy this and pass on

Jen (jodyorjen) is missing. Zola from the Gutter made a page here with information:

If anyone has any other info about what we can do to help, please share.
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Oh yes....

Angel's bitch
Slashy Spike
You're a slash fan, you're probably enjoying the
hell out of all the slashy S/A subtext this
season. You like Spike away from Buffy and love
that he's returned to his snarky side.

Favorite Spike
brought to you by Quizilla
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Hey all sorry for the gap. I have had a human post grave fic in my head for years now, recently the words started to come and I had to go with it. It has put my LA and Prophet to one side a little but don't worry I will get them on track soon. I have to get this down before I lose it it stands I have almost twenty thousand words written. After I get the first draft set I can relax and get back to the fics that I know the ending off. Again I'm so very sorry but please bear with me.
This chapter is a little bit short, only few to go...
As ever Edi is the lady that makes this readable...

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Being a nosy lass I had to see.... so did the most trusted non friends thing.

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Following ladycat777 piper

Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal.
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Ok I am the Queen of apathy; I have seen that no matter how we march or chant, or how many petitions we sign things rarely change.
However the other day I went out and bought several postcards and airmail stamps. I don’t want to wonder that Angel didn’t get a second chance because of a few letters too few. I didn’t want to regret not taking the time. So every few days I follow the instructions and write to the next target on the list, and strangely I find it therapeutic.
It’s nice to ‘do’ something, to be one of the ants that just might make away with the picnic.
If you haven’t been already have a wee visit to the wonderful dedicated bunch below.
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Some more from lala land. Thank you to Edi for the beta work.

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Prophet 7

Feb. 24th, 2004 08:16 am
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Sorry to those who have been waiting for this, the next chapter is begun.
My love and thanks to Edi, my beta and compass in this world of writing. Thanks to those who have given me such support over the span of this fic, your words help me over the sticky parts.

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I must get a title for this! All my thanks to Edibbea, her beta work and support keeps me going. And thank you to those who waited so patiently, and who continue to write such kind words.

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So more of the lads in LA, thank you Edi for the beta and thank you to those who continue to give their support.

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